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Wicker furniture, bamboo towels & recycled paper


I’ve been thinking about eco friendly products which could support the development work being conducted by 500 year vision.

Wicker is a fast growing, biodegradable product, which does not require intensive industrial processes in it’s production.  It can be locally produced in much of the EU, and a skilled weaver can produce just about any type of home furnishing from it.

Bamboo – though not locally produced, this is now being used to manufacture alternatives to cotton – such as towels.  I need to purchase one and use it in order to properly quality check, however, the process is much gentler on the environment than cotton production. If it can be produced without a cost premium, then this could be a very interesting development.

Recently, I purchased some recycled A4 paper. Accidentally I bought 500 pages – thinking I was buying a whole box.  Primarily because they were charging several times the going rate for bog standard paper. I need to investigate sources of cheaper recycled paper as this is just rubbish.

I recently overheard someone say that the reason that people always overfill thier kettles is because they are too lazy to go to the sink and refill it each time they need another mug of tea.  Surely this can’t be true!!!  But if it is, a cheap eco friendly alternative might be to supply cute, well designed 1 litre kettles.  Something that would look good out in the kitchen, such as one designed to look like a tea pot.  I wonder if anyone is making such a product already?

Seeing as I’m going to make a shop front, it would be great to have some good quality eco products to stock it!

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