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Tábor postcard



We are back in Tábor, and back at work. Unfortunately, I was rather distracted by the Vista Print web site, while ordering new business cards, and ended up making a postcard. It cost £6.59 for 100. I used openoffice writer to produce the image (as I’ve not learnt desk top publishing proper yet), then exported it as a .pdf. So, in 3 weeks it should be here.

Today was generally constructive. I did some work on www.datemymate.net; there’s a steady stream of people joining the service so I’m pleased with the way it’s going at present.   I did a spec for images needed for the bog brochure & presentation on www.500yearvision.com, and now have permission to use some of the brilliant images produced by artists during the architectural modelling competition I ran on www.blenderartists.org.  So, tomorrow will be able to work more on content for the web site.

We now have permission to market Grow reed beds on www.500yearvision.com – so that’s a job for tomorrow, as is calling the designer of a new type of water turbine generator which could feature on the site.  It sounds brilliant – I’d like to see some pictures of it in action.

Finally I’ve found a venue for the next Tábor Green Drinks – Hotel Lázně. We called in there tonight and it was big, quiet and empty, with decent food and lovely views of Tábor and the river. It has a terrace overlooking the water which will be pretty in the summer.

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