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So, ever since my birthday lunch, the Internet connection has been down. I
did not simply go out for lunch and then stay out in Tabor since then.

Despite this, we’ve made good progress this week. The 500 year vision site
has had a revamp – www.500yearvision.com – , with a much much nicer version of the logo – courtesy of M, a shopping cart – courtesy of M, and space for information about bog.  I’m really pleased with it, but have yet to be able to look at the analytics to see how it is being found, and where people are coming from. At least the site looked reasonable for anyone who looked it up after meeting me at the conference I attended yesterday (though
I need a business card revamp with the Czech contact details added). 

I went to a conference on Corporate Social Responsibility yesterday, run by
the Chamber of Commerce in Prague.  This meant getting up to catch a bus at
5am. The journey was beautiful – the orange sun rising over misty forest &
frosted fields. It was very life affirming.  The conference was interesting,
I met many people – a philosopher running a successful philosophy business
(who looked at meanings of and arguments for CSR), the bloke who set up
‘cats pyjamas’ (and spoke about CSR from the perspective of small business)
and several Czech business people who very kindly humoured my terrible
Czech. It was just so nice to speak with people (though obviously also nerve

I met some contacts from Prague Agricultural University & explained some
aspects of bog to them. I hope they will be able to put me in contact with
someone from the University who would be able to organise a project to test

We arranged our first session with a Czech teacher on Thursday night. She
didn’t turn up!  Very dissapointing because we’d had to wait for a week &
half for an appointment anyway.  I am beginning to gather a list of phrases
I need to be able to say, like ‘what kind of organisation do you work for’.  I bodged something together on the conference on Friday.  A couple people said I speak good Czech – but I know this is only compared to the many people living in Prague who speak no
Czech, as opposed to compared with the average level of English by ever
Czech person.

I’ve judged the Blender Artist competition & announced the winner. He has
agreed to do some different visuals for me so I need to spec those – and
award the prize money.  Everything is so internet dependent!

Today I need to get a couple of orders sorted out for Onya bags. I’m going
need to go to an Internet caf somewhere. At least today doesn’t look so
pretty. It rained and snowed for the first few days since we arrived in
Tabor, and then it’s been beautiful since then. Beautiful blue skies every
day which made exploring the town a lovely experience.

I also had a meeting with an English teacher this week to see if we could
collaborate on anything – I’ve put together some market research to consider
business skills on which English learners might be interested in attending a
training session. I should contact the Unicorn guy who spoke yesterday to
see if he’d like to send some of his staff on such activities.  Anyway,
haven’t heard anything back from the teacher yet, but I’m just impatient and
eager to get on with things.

So, things are moving in the right direction!

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