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Today is the closing day for the blender artists architectural modelling competition, as well as the day we leave the UK for a new life in the Czech Republic.

I’ve been playing this down somewhat, after all, we’ll be back in a few weeks, and there’s no point in scaring myself. The plan was always to leave gradually. Anyway, the gradual thing is working… plane delayed so time to hang out in a windowless airport lounge. Both of us tippity tapping away at our laptops.

I ran into Councillor Martin Mullaney this morning while sorting stuff out at the Custard Factory. He inquired how things were going with my toilets. I really must do some better marketing. It really feels like there has been little progress over the last six months, but for a short time I will have the luxury of time to spend on 500 year vision. I need to prioritise and work on what will have the biggest impact.

So… waiting at the airport is a perfect opportunity to work on the promotional materials. I have been approached by somebody wanting to write a marketing strategy for bog/500 year vision for an assignment, so that’s a really nice chance to work things out.

I need to talk to Mike about setting up the site for 500yearvision. I know he has no time at present as Digital Egg has just won a project with Birmingham City Council with a two week turnaround. And he was going to be busy anyway. Hmm. I wonder how much I would be able to program myself.

This is such a great opportunity for us. It’s still scary… moving away from everyone we know and love. As Mike says, we can always move back… it’s hardly Australia, and anyone who wants to can come and visit us (though carbon credits will be compulsory).

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