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Spending the weekend in Birmingham has given me a good chance to think. I’ve met up with family and friends who are getting on well, whereas I am on almost zero income while 500 Year Vision is in set-up stage. I’m making a few sales of the hat pattern & eco clever products on Ebay, however not nearly enough for this to be more than a diversion of my time.

Though my time so far has been productive, what I need to do is gather together the component parts of bog and prove that they work together.

The upshot is, I need investment, and a team of people committed to taking this product to market. Specifically, I need people with engineering & accounting backgrounds & a proven record of taking a new product to market.

What will be the most expedient way to find these? There must be investors that are interested in a high risk/high return, eco & accessible friendly product, it’s got corporate social responsibility written all over it. But how do I proceed? I’ve learnt the hard way that many people are happy to talk, without follow up in terms of action. I’ve had a cautious look round the Internet, and seen many ‘business for sale’ sites that look wholly disreputable. I need to search for eco investors. Surely there are specific funds set up for this type of investment?

The experience I have had so far is that the not for profit organisations set up to help people like me, such as university departments,  prefer to work with products that are small and simple, and are not interested in helping with something a little more radical. I also suspect that if I was a middle aged engineer they would be more willing to help.

I have invested my career in this product.  If I was not doing this, I would be working for a decent salary in an organisation with good prospects.  Currently I have none of that security.  It’s frustrating & it’s worrying.

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