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Google Analytics


This is a free service that can give you masses of info about your web sites.

From Google Analytics I can figure out how many people read this article, where abouts in the world they are, how many other pages on my site they read, and where the entrance & exit points are.

So, every morning I have a look to see what happened the day before.  www.datemymate.net  – is consistently the most popular, and the most sticky, however quite a lot of people read www.bogblog.org, or at least part of it, with about a third of visitors being ‘returners’. The hat site has few visitors, so it’s even more surprising that there’s a steady stream of sales of the hat pattern for which it was set up.  I think I need to ask M for a nice bit of software to display pics of finished hats submitted by knitters. Finally, visitors to www.500yearvision.com are building steadily.

Today, I phoned the English teacher in Tábor & have arranged a meeting with him about his English business seminars idea.  I plan on working out the content about bog for the www.500yearvision.com web site as well as writing an article about low carbon living for Article Alley – as suggested by a really helpful contributor to the angelstartups.com forum.

I’m not yet totally familiar with the use of forums, so I need to figure out how to track replies after you’ve posted to a thread.  I’m sure it’s not hard, I just get distracted about what people are saying.  Maybe another task for today.

So today – article, web content & figuring out forums.

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