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We still don’t have our little old orange Skoda, so we’re unable to reach Novy Mlyn. M has too much work to go over on the bus, and the bus doesn’t go there at the weekend. Hopefully by the end of the week we’ll either have bought a car, or M will be able to take a day off (so that we can catch the bus at 5.30 am!!!).

M had a couple of hours off work on Sunday & we went for a walk round Tábor. It’s an incredibly pretty town, on a hill almost totallyfirst-katkins.JPG surrounded by water – the river around the south side and a large lake on the north side. Sunday was beautifully sunny & the sky was intensely blue. The trees are still in their skeletal form, though I saw the first katkins of the year. Spring is definitely here!

imag0409.JPGWe had lunch in a chance find restaurant, it had the most amazing furniture I’ve seen so far since we’ve been here – traditional joinery methods but utilising the natural shapes of the wood, but with a sculptural style overall. The room had vaulted ceilings & hand made wrought iron fittings. The food was fantastic (yet again) . I had fresh trout & M ate boar steaks. You’d have to be in line to the throne to eat like that in the UK!

valley-near-flat.JPGWe walked down the river valley. Just behind Tábor’s functional high street is a steep cliff. Buildings that are two or three storeys on one side are actually eight or nine storeys on the other. One thing that is missing from Tábor is a cafe or restaurant making use of the lovely view of the river (a project for the future!!!). We walked down the gorge. There are many pretty little houses in the town. Many dating from periods in historypretty-house.JPG where South Bohemia was clearly flourishing, such as a beautiful art nouveau style house with a pretty garden & view of the river. Some are well cared for, some are in need of repair, and there are still properties in the old town which need reconstruction.

water-mill.JPGThere is a small island on the river which looks like it was used as a park. I think it must have been substantially damaged in recent floods. At the end of the island is a water wheel… a massive iron thing corroding away, but still there. We also saw a little yellow house in čelkovice on the other side of the river, which had 3 solar water heating panels on the roof. I should go ask them where they bought them, when I can speak a little more Czech.

We carried on walking up river, M was convinced there would be a bridge further along. I was doubtful, but we soon came across a huge iron bridge across the gorge. It was a railway bridge, but people use it to cross over from Tábor to the countryside on the other side of the river. We thought we’d give it a go but I soon realised that vertigo hasn’t just gone away. It’s the strangest experience. As soon as I was on the metal part of the bridge above the river, reality began to come apart. Whatever I was looking at began to shift about as if they were moving towards or away from me. I wanted to grab the handrail, but it wasn’t all joined together & if I looked down to just keep walking, I could see through the gaps to the river way down below. Mike was pretty understanding, seeing as I insisted on a substantial walk back the way we’d come, rather than crossing the bridge. It was such a strange experience I may go back & have another go. What’s one slightly terrifying experience when among so many others! Though it would be somewhat embarrassing to be stuck, part way across the thing, petrified with fear.

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