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I’m online!!!

Over the last few days, every time I’d even begun the thought that my computer may be okay after all, I’d lost it again. It really leads you towards superstition. But now, it would seem that the marvellous bloke at NetTech – Tabor has some how, Jimmy Saville style, fixed it.
At least over the last few, laptopless days, I’ve had a chance to explore. The library is just round the corner & has a brilliant section on Czech language (I’m really getting to grips with exactly how much I don’t understand of it), as well as a collection of books that are half Czech and half English. There’s a couple of shelves of books in English, including some inspiring contemporary Czech writing, a whole heap of classics, and the harry potter collection (if times get desperate).

Reading library books really reinforced what I admire about Czech culture. I’m so glad we are here. We’ve also, methodically, explored local pubs, restaurants and any other institution which does not prevent us from walking in and having a look about.

Obviously, there are many things that perplex us. Our common sense assumptions are challenged every time we leave the house. But, you know, that’s really nice. I like it. I like it. Now it doesn’t seem like a big adventure at all. We’re only a few miles from the UK, we have a comfortable little flat, and people have been really nice to us. Sometimes people are cold at first, but soon warm up when they hear our clumpy Czech.
We have not managed to sort out private transport yet. The buses to Cernovice only go on week days, and M has a massive deadline for next Thursday, and so we’ve been unable so far to reach Novy Mlyn. But, today the sun shone and there was a distinctly springy feel in the air… life is moving on.

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