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So, I have a meeting with the guys from Water Works UK ltd this afternoon. They produce a brilliant grey water filtration system which will also act as a green roof for bog. I want to see if they would like to develop a version of their product which is suitable for the more extreme temperatures of Central Europe. There is a great market there because currently many people do not have mains connected water in their more remote homes. The cost of putting in a contemporary sewage system is vast & such things also need to be pumped out every six months. Allowing things to simply leach into the ground, which has been the more traditional way, is now illegal. If we can find a suitable flushing composting toilet manufacturer to co-operate on the project – perhaps Sun Mar, then we can build a safe and (importantly) EU approved solution for many different environments.

The drawback and advantage of working in the Czech Republic are the current low costs of labour. This means that manufacturing can be cost effective, however goods produced must also be similarly cost effective. If you can sell a product there, then selling it in the rest of Europe will be far easier.

Anyway, now I need to go catch a train to London.

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