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We have a place to live, an internet connection and a coffee maker. All in all, things are going okay. I’m working in the bedroom, as we don’t have a kitchen table yet. We have a bed, with bedding, and a beautiful painting of lilacs (much like the one in my friend Hilary’s rented flat in Prague which I always coveted).

We arrived at Tabor a little later than we expected yesterday. There had been a road accident between Prague and Tabor & the road was closed by an ambulance helecopter. We had been scoffing at my sister, the transport expert, who kept telling us that there are more accidents in CR than the rest of Europe (bar Greece). A salient reminder that we need to take care.

Despite our late arrival, our landlord was still busy in the flat & spent the rest of the day in the flat finishing things off. We explored & bought essentials, such as bedding and food, and the computery things Mike needs to start work. My laptop seemed to have been fatally damaged by the rough ride over cobbles in Prague old town in a very fast mini bus taxi. It had loose connections anyway & cuts out on a regular basis. Now it works for short bursts, but my email has decided to only allow me to email certain people. Not, for example the person to whom I need to send a knitting pattern, or someone else who is stuck on theirs.

So far we have discovered that bananas and bedding are expensive, and have spent a lot of time pondering how to open a bottle of washing up liquid… it’s the small things that are sent to try us.

There was stuff in the news last week about the link between tv and autism, ie the more hours a day of tv a child watches at a very young age (ie while the connections in their brains are still forming) the more likely they are to develop autistic spectrum disorders. Many children with Autism have a relationship with the world which is very much like watching it on a TV screen – something that is remote and distant and that they are not able to interact with. The researcher talking about the study made the point strongly that the link with Autism was nothing to do with the content of the programme, it was the media itself. One of the ways I was learning czech was by listening to the language on films… but the experience of being among Czech people (with whom you interact, and can stop and act things out until we understand) is qualitiatively different. So, if your average six year old in the UK has spent a year of their lives watching TV, is it likely that they will simply be a year behind in their development? Apropos – we’re not going to get a tv.

Task for this weekend… we need to find a car (an orange skoda ((or perhaps a pick up truck))- diesel powered so I can start making biodiesel) so that we can get to our house, which is 10 miles away from the flat.

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