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Rapidly disappearing hours


A whole day spent filing and sorting in preparation for our impending move. Pottering is becoming unbearable. There are so many bits that just don’t have a natural home. I’ve started packing clothes, and then abandoned it; begun tidying the office (generating sacks full of paper to be recycled) & left it more of a mess than before. And then there’s the cats. I hadn’t thought about how I’d feel about leaving them. Especially with Melia being so old. I know that they will be well cared for by our housemates, and there’s no point in taking them out during our three month trial, but still… it’ll be strange in a catless home.

Luckily, the laptop has been particularly temperamental today – flinging me out without a moment’s notice, so there’s been less temptation to sit around and meddle with various websites and projects.

I now have google analytics sorted for datemymate.net. It’s an amazing system & gives me loads of info on how people are using the site. There’s still a steady trickle of registrations… I need to decide how many people I need using the site before going for some awareness raising.

No-one’s bought an Onya Bag for a while. As I’ve no previous retail experience, I can only wonder if these sorts of purchases reflect pay days. Anyway, I’ve got someone sorted to send them out for me while we’re away.

Also, not a lot of action with the knitting pattern this week. I put it up for auction on Ebay, but forgot to cover the listing costs, so it gave me a loss. That’ll learn me.

There’s been a few entries now in the blenderartists.org competition to build a 3d model of bog. The work so far is really impressive.

48 hours from now we’ll be on a plane, so I’d better stop procrastinating & get on with it.

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