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Moving on out – the state of play so far


So, in exactly 3 weeks time, we’ll be in Tabor (after paying for the carbon footprint, of course).

Is this an appropriate time to start thinking – what on earth am I doing??? Mike reckons he doesn’t need to do any planning for the move because I’ll do it. It’ll be funny when he realises we’ve moved to Central Europe without any trousers.

Progress. I have put a free offer on datemymate so that we can gather the ‘critical mass’ needed of people using the site. I’m encouraging friends and family to start using it to iron out any glitches.

Onya bags are selling… slowly, on Ebay. At least they are now available there. Also, in a surprising development, though my fabulous hats did not sell on Ebay, the pattern I made up for them is. And one of the reduced water shower heads sold this week as well. I need to think about putting Mooncups on the site as well. Not quite sure yet because of the eww factor.
I have put the competition up on the blenderartists.org contests page. The only reaction so far has been skeptical & I’m a bit concerned that I’ll be blasted in the way that others have been in the past… but it’s an important development. The people that use the blender program are incredibly talented & I hope that competition entrants could produce amazing work. Once I have some artwork (better than the ‘cartooned’ photo of the scale model of bog I built in the summer!) then I’ll be able to use these on the web site & to get buy-in from suppliers to build the prototype in Tabor.
Tonight I’m going to list all the rest of our books on Amazon. The more obscure titles seem to sell the best, which is a bit wierd. Like, a book on hindi today and a book called ‘sexual dissidence’ over the weekend. Now, back to planning the move.

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