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Time is galloping on & we are still in denial about the impending move – now two weeks away. Still no nearer to being ready, apart from the help of a friend who has magnanimously offered to borrow our ironing board for an indefinite period.

Also thinking about doing some kind of audio diary or something of our experience in South Bohemia. On sunday there was a radio programme on about water. The presenter said that he ‘literally dissolved into the water’ he was watching. This gives me hope that even I could aspire to the dizzying heights of broadcast quality journalism on radio 4, or youtube or something.

I cannot wait to get out there to start doing testing on various eco technology. Was thinking again about the whole generating electric from rainwater thing. Wondering about rainwater harvesting via roof based tanks which could then be used as a source of energy via mini hydro electrics. This would a, alleviate the effects of flash flooding in urban areas b, do a bit of micro generation, at times when the electricity is needed and c, provide rainwater harvesting for gardens, car washing or toilets or whatever. I can really see myself fully the mad inventor in the shed at the bottom of the garden, just like Great Uncle Harold. Why didn’t I do engineering at uni?

Income wise… another hat pattern sold, and the slow trade on Ebay of Onya bags continues – they are bought by a different ‘type’ of person than those that are bought at physical premises – noticeably more men make purchases than you’d otherwise expect, whereas the sale of the hat patterns has been a complete surprise really.  4 sold now so far. I’ve just signed up for payloadz.com – a site from which you can sell downloads. I’ve no idea how that will go with the pattern, but, as ever, it’s worth a go.
I’ve put a free offer on datemymate.net for Valentines day, I know I need a critcal mass of people using the site properly before it can become income generating. I also know that I’m not the person to lead the site, especially as my attention is thoroughly directed to the eco projects. I really need help.

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