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28 days later – countdown to the Czech Republic


Business wise:  Bog progress  –  an entrant in the Blender artist forum competition to build a 3d model of the concept has been in touch asking sensible questions.  I look forward to seeing the work. Good visuals will mean that there is something more concrete to put on publicity information about the product.  The most important step is obviously to get the working model of the product running. As I’ve had a severely reduced income since the summer, I have been unable to invest finances or time into the project, which has been incredibly frustrating. And you have to be full of confidence to go ask Bob Geldoff or Prince Charles to be your business angels!

I’ve been suffering from tall poppy syndrome, in the guise of idiotic slander & ‘misunderstandings’ that the perpetrators have been without the courage to admit to. However, given the amount of rubbish we’ve had to contend with over the last 18 months, fighting back strongly and making this evident were not an option. Instead I’ve had to let it roll off my back (I’ve developed duck feathers!) and concentrate my energies on not being incandescent with people who have acted dishonourably.  Everyone makes their own choices about how they live their lives.  Some people make choices I cannot understand. Personally, I couldn’t live with the guilt. 

 We leave the UK on the 28th Feb for 6 weeks in CR.  We have decided to spend more time in the Czech Republic & so the plan is to build the working demo there.  Onya bags are selling slowly but surely on the 500 year vision ebay shop, & I have been investigating other items to stock such as Mooncups (a menstrual product).  I have a clear idea of what the 500 year vision site will look like (layout and style) however have had no time to put it together.  This will be job number 1 when we arrive in Tabor. No 2 being to organise the first meeting of Tabor Green Drinks – someone has already emailed to enquire about this.  It is certainly going to be a challenge setting up such an organisation in a different language.

I will be dividing my time between Novy Mlyn (first task: safely disposing of the asbestos roof tiles), bog, datemymate.net & I may even crack on with the book. Mike suggested that I continue this using a blog – so that could be interesting.  Also, a bit of voluntary work at the nearby botannical gardens would be great for my Czech language! Now, the simple matter of sorting ourselves out to leave.    

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