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Post Christmas pre Prague visit – ebay & recycled knitting


So, that’s Christmas over with.

I spent a large amount of time knitting. In order to apply for a stall at Moseley Farmers Market, I would need to fit into the ‘crafts’ section. As a result I’ve been averaging at producing a hat a day to stock a stall. I have been taking apart jumpers from second hand shops – items that are made of pure wool, cashmere, mohair etc – and recycling the wool into far nicer and more wearable items of clothing. The stall could really do with some heads to model the hats. What have we got lying round the house that would do as a substitute?

Anyway, the beauty of knitting is that you can sit about over the Christmas holidays watching films and still feel like you’re doing something slightly productive. We went down to London yesterday to sort out some paperwork for the Czech business & I did some hat checking – fashionable people are wearing six faced cap type things – I could do with a pattern. Also, hats with beads knitted in seem popular so I’ll have a go at that too.

My sister gave me a book of knitting stitches and I’ve adapted one of the stitches into a rubik cube stitch – it’s made up of a binary pattern that you really have to concentrate on to get right.

It’s Valentines day coming up soon & I have a stock of beautiful hand made cards so I’ve put a test listing onto Ebay of a Valentines day set, including gift wrapped silver necklace & chocolates along with a card. If there’s interest, I can put some more time into it. Mike has also set up an Ebay shop – called Velvet Revolution, so that we can list anything interesting we can find in the Czech Republic … such as Moser glass, Thun china, the beautiful beer glasses they have (we need to do a bit of research to figure out what will sell). It would be so good to spend more time out there but we still have the water situation to contend with.

Activity around Onya bags seems to have slowed down somewhat since Christmas. As I have absolutely no previous retail experience, I can only guess that this is because it’s not a sale type item & everyone is busy rushing around the physical shops at present snapping up half price bargains. Mike & I are getting better at remembering to use the Onya bags ourselves. It just takes a little bit of practice!

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