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Top tip for learning Czech


I’ve found a way of learning czech words which is really working well for me… what you do is break the word down into things that sound as close to english words as possible – then think up an image or story linking them together.

For example – Cave is jeskyne – (yes, keen). Katy & I went caving together in Wales, and got lost underground… still, I asked her if she was keen to go back & she said ‘yes, keen’.

We’re not sure when we’ll next be back at Novy Mlyn – hopefully we’ll earn enough money to go over before Christmas.  Now the wood pile has been replaced & some repairs done to the roof.  So, this weekend I’ll dig out the e-mail addresses of the people we met when we were there last time. I wonder if the girl we met still has the Skoda for sale? It’d be good to make contact with everyone again.   I wonder if anyone will come and visit us in the UK?

We met up with my dad and his family this week.  My half sister is ever so grown up now… reminding me that I need to pay back the college fund I borrowed from them.

I hope the house is doing okay on it’s own.  It’s such a shame we’re not there more, but we need to earn money in order to make it habitable. And at least we have the opportunity to learn Czech at the Brasshouse in Birmingham, meaning that we’ll be that much better prepared when we do move out there.

I’m still temping, and I can listen to Radio Karolina at work, which is great.  It’s a nice job, with nice people, so I’m happy to stay as long as they need me here.  Also, I’m pleased because they’ve taken up my suggestion of putting a car share section on their intranet, so I’ve managed to have a positive environmental impact at the organisation.

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